Saturday, March 25, 2017

Food round-up: Chicken Farmers, Irish buffet and turkey a la king

I've fallen behind in my food blogging, so allow me to catch-up with some quick hits from recent food-related activities.

Chicken Farmers of Canada

This reception at the Chateau Laurier on budget night was actually a joint event by the Chicken, Turkey and Egg Farmers. I didn't know this until informed by an MP on the bus on the way there. I hilariously quipped which event comes first, the Chicken or the Egg? And he shamelessly began using the line as his own. As this is a non-partisan political food blog, I won't name names.

For me, the chicken came first, as I followed the advice of a friend exiting the reception, who told me to enter the room and go "to the left." After chiding him for cultural appropriation, I did just that and joined the line for the chicken station.

On offer were chicken meatballs, chicken sliders and chicken poutine. The sliders were lightly seasoned white chicken on a fresh roll and got the job done. The chicken meatballs were on point. There were different poutine options available but I went with the traditional -- fries, curds and gravy -- which pulled white chicken, of course. I'm not usually a big poutine guy but the fries were thin and crispy, and the chicken made it feel heartier and more interesting than a usual, boring poutine.

After I polished off the Chicken Farmers' finest, I ventured to the opposite corner of the room where the Turkey Farmers were holding shop -- nice to see such collegiality among poultry producers.

Among the offerings were bacon-wrapped turkey, turkey wellington, traditional sliced turkey with gravy and stuffing, and some sort of turkey sausage round.

I was beginning to fade at this point, but did try to power through. First of all, anything wrapped in bacon is amazing, and the hint of bbq sauce was a nice accent. The turkey wellington added a nice bit of bread to a carb-heavy reception. The turkey sausage was a bit dry, while the sliced turkey was good but the stuffing was not the style of stuffing I prefer.

I don't know what the Egg corner had on offer, as I was done for the evening and unable to complete the poultry trifecta. It was an enjoyably meaty evening though.

St. Patrick's Day Irish Buffet

The themed buffets at the Parliamentary Restaurant continued earlier this monthwith their Irish-themed St. Patrick's buffet. I'm 1/4 Irish (I like to say it's my biggest 1/4) so naturally I had to check it out and see if there was anything beyond potatoes.

Well, it was green as the plate shows, from peas (with cheese) and salad to broccoli pasta salad. That was all fined. Their was a meat main attraction -- which I was thankful for as there isn't always -- but I found the corned beef just meh. But I don't really care for corned beef, so maybe it was excellent for corned beef. The Shepard's Pie-stuffed potatoes were something I haven't seen before, although it was an amusing combination of two staples of Irish cuisine. The highlight was the potato cakes which were tasty, although not as tasty as (1/2 Irish) Dad used to make.

Turkey a la King

Tasty comfort food from the Wellington Building cafeteria that warms the insides on a cold winter's day, and the delicious and healthy steamed broccoli almost distracts you from how bad all that turkey gravy is for you. Yum.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: That last one was actually chicken vol-au-vent. It was like two months ago, so forgive me. Other comments stand.

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