Monday, October 09, 2017

Eating up the Hill: A hike to Hintonburger

I don't try to be negative when I do these reviews. I'm generally a pretty easy person to please, cuisine wise. But as I catch up on my food blogging, it seems I had a number of underwhelming meals in a row this summer. Today's entry is an unnecessarily pricey Hintonburger.

During my stay-cation this summer I decided to venture out on transit to some of the spots I'd heard about, but aren't in my usual neighborhood. I'd heard much about the burgers at Hintonburger -- best in Ottawa, they say -- so one weekday I grabbed my Presto Card and began the trip to the trendy Hintonburg neighbourhood. It's somewhat Queen-Westish but less pretentious.

Hintonburger certainly isn't a fancy place, but that's a plus. It was pretty quiet though, with not many customers on this weekday afternoon. It being a nice summer day, I placed my order and was told they'd bring it to me on the picnic tables outside.

I got the Hintonburger combo, which is a six ounce patty with bacon,cheese and BBQ sauce, as well as fries and a can of pop for $15.50. With the $2 fee to upgrade my fries to onion rings, it rang in at $17.50 before tax and tip.

So let's call it $20.

For a burger, onion rings and a can of pop.

That's insane.

The burger was good. Patty was a bit small, but it tasted good. Crispy bacon. Good bun. Onion rings were excellent. Pepsi instead of Coke, but whatevs.

But $20?

Not sure they'd even try that in Queen West.

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