Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Eating up the Hill: Anthony's on Bank

The need to go to the Glebe after work one day last week to stock up on furnace filters (it's called adulting, people) led me to decide to make an outing of it and try the wood oven pizza from Anthony's on Bank, a spinoff of the more trendily located Anthony's on Wellington. According to some rando Food Network guy it's one of the top 12 pizzas worth travelling for in Canada. That seems like a suspicious number, but what the heck. I do like a good napoletana pizza.

It's not a huge place, but it wasn't difficult to get a table in the midweek early dinner hour. The wood oven is visible from the tables -- unless, like me, you had your back to it. Not a fancy place, but clean and nice enough.

It's a tight menu with six red pizza options and three white, plus a few miscellaneous items. I debated having the appy meatballs as a side, but decided to focus on pizza. Typical Italian fare, and light on meat. I opted for the Gianni, which came with mozza, fior di latte, ricotta, hot salami and olive oil. Basically, three kinds of cheese, and salami.

The pizza came perfectly toasted and crispy. The salami was in good quantity, but I wouldn't have minded it more dispersed rather than four large slices. I enjoyed the different textures of the cheeses, and it was all a very tasty combination of flavours with a nice thin crust. I didn't care for the provided oil I dipped my crusts in; it was a bit too petroleum-y for my taste.

I'll be back in the future when I have an authentic pizza craving, and may try the meatballs too.

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