Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Eating up the Hill: Peri peri chicken with corn on the cob & chips

As part of the Parliamentary Cafeteria's menu revitalization they've been introducing more ethnic dishes, or at least ethnic-inspired dishes. One of the new offerings fits this category: peri peri chicken with corn on the cob and chips.

As a fan of Nando's, the Portugese chicken chain out of South Africa that's popular in England, I already enjoy the peri peri chicken so this was a must-try. And I've had the corn at Nando's so I'll assume that's authnic as well. The chips, I dunno. Maybe with some peri peri powder.

This was a new entree so the server was a bit confused at how much chicken to give me. I watched with disapointment as, after consulting with a colleague, the pound or so of chicken she had originally scooped out for me was whittled down to a few hundred grams as she weighed it on a scale.

Was left with less chicken than I'd have liked. A full cob would have been nice too. Still, it was tasty chicken, though it could have been spicier, and the corn was a nice healthy touch. Some peri peri powder on the chips would have been excellent. Did try to soeak some of the excess sauce up with them.

All in all, will try again.

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