Saturday, March 14, 2020

Eating off the Hill: Canada's breakfasts need more chicken

Bacon. Sausage. Ham, Meaty breakfast staples. But who decreed breakfast needs to be so porky? Sensing the need for giving Canadians more of a reason to wake up in the mornings during these challenging days, McDonald's recently did us all a favour and introduced a new offering: breakfast chicken.

In my last career I used to travel through the States a fair bit, and so got to experience a fair bit of regional vrariety accross the McDonald's menu. Many parts of the US have biscuits in the mornings, for example, including chicken on a biscuit. I remember having a Steak McMuffin in Denver one time that put a smile on my face on a Colorado morning. But in Canada, we haven't seen that much breakfast menu innovation since the McGriddle.

So I was happy to notice this week that McDonald's had brought in breakfast chicken. It's an easy move for them logistically, as it's all existing menu items -- they're taking their existing junior chicken patty and offering it to you either on a McGriddle plain, or on an English Muffin with cheese and mayo.

I never really got into the McGriddle, and reviews I read lamented the lack of sauce (would need to be a syrup, as mayo would clash with the sweetness of the McGriddle) and so I went with the Chicken McMuffin.

It was quite tasty. I would take it over my go-to Sausage McMuffin any day. They could also kick it up by offering the spicy mayo they're using on their daytime Spicy Habanero McChicken. And I haven't tried it yet, but I imagine the kiosk would allow you to add bacon for an upcharge -- will try that next time for sure.

It's available for a limited time, but I hope it sticks around. Canada's breakfasts need more chicken.

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