Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Eating off the Hill: Jerk Chicken Roti at Island Grill

I wrote last week about an Indian food outing that lacked some heat -- well, a few days later I had some Jamaican food that more than made up for it.

Island Grill is another Bank Street restaurant I’ve been walking by for year but never dropped into, so one day after work I dropped in to this little Caribbean spot that is nestled amongst the Bank Street pizza by the slice counters.

It’s a small spot but it was doing a pretty good early evening weekend business, with just one guy working the counter and seemingly the kitchen too. But he did a good job considering at keeping up with drinks and orders.

I came craving roti, and went with the Jerk Chicken Platter for $14. For that, I got a good sized roti stuffed with jerk chicken, a salad, and rice and peas. The sides were fine; the salad was OK and the rice is what I would expect. The plantains were a pleasant surprise – the ones I’ve had in Cuba and the Dominican Republic were fried to within an inch of their lives, and were more like a chip. These though still had substance too them and were quite enjoyable.

The roti was the star though, and deservedly so. Stuffed full of quality jerk chicken breast, just on the edge of my spice tolerance. Thoroughly enjoyable and flavourable and just a little burn without being too much. I needed my drink, but it was well worth it.

When the world is back, I will be too.

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