Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Eating off the Hill: I bought an air fryer

I didn't use my deep fryer much, but it was starting to show it's age and it seemed like the kind of appliance that you don't want to mess around with safety on, so I retired. it. So this seemed like a good time to convert to something I had been waiting for more space before purchasing: an air fryer.

As I began my research, I learned the tech has changed a fair bit since my siblings and I bought one for my Mom for Christmas a few years ago. While there was still the basket style, now there were new formats and features, and I quickly began gravitating to the larger models. While it's huge, the one I ended up settling on, a 10.6 quart model from Innsky, also functions as a dehydrator and a rotisserie.

Not sure I'll be dehydrating things much, but I do look forward to doing some rotisserie chickens and roasts. I have a chicken ready to go, but I'm going to Montreal this weekend for football and fancy food so that first experiment will have to wait.

Once thing I like about my model is that, while it has the tumbler basket, it also has two slotted trays, as well as a drip tray. One thing I found with my Mom's with the rotating basket is that things got bashed around. With this, I can lay things out like a regular oven and turn over part way though.

So my first experiment was a deep fryer classic, chicken wings and tater tots. Tater tots went right on the rack, while the wings I tossed in one tablespoon of vegetable oil and some spices before laying them out. Did eight minutes at 400, a flip, and other eight. Tossed the wings in a wing sauce before plating. (Chop salad that exists not pictured)

Quite happy with out how they turned out. Pretty good crisp. Near deep fry levels, but certainly much healthier. And not needing to pre-heat makes it a great time saver. Much experimenting ahead. but happy with it so far. Racks are dishwasher safe.

Will just need to work out storage. It will likely reside in the closet and come out on weekends, as I don't cook much during the week anyways.

Can't wait to do the whole rotisserie chicken!

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