Monday, October 18, 2021

Eating up the Hill: Italian Sausage Ragout

 During election campaigns the Parliamentary cafeteria system often takes the time to renew and refresh its rotating menu of daily specials. This week, it has two new offerings making their debut and I shall endeavor to try them out and report back to you, my faithful handful of readers.

Today was the Italian Sausage Ragout. My first thought on seeing it in the pan, which I shared with the cafeteria staffer, was that it basically looks like lasagna. She replied it basically is, but with penne. She cut me off a square and slid it into a takeout container, which I took upstairs for $8.25.

For the record, the Wellington cafeteria is now open for limited dine-in, with some tables removed, spacing in place, and take-out containers only used, if you leave your details for contact tracing. I prefer to just eat at my desk for now.

Anyway, back to lunch. The first thing I looked for was the sausage. It was a very meaty dish, with big chunks of meat as well as finer grains with the sauce. It was formed like a lasagna, with what the ingredients say is bocconcini cheese on top.

I isolated a meat chunk and I don’t think this was Italian sausage. It looked like ground chicken to me, and I could taste no seasonings that would indicate Italian sausage. There were also supposed to be red and yellow peppers, but I couldn’t find many.

It tasted fine, but I would have liked more (some) vegetables and a more (some) flavoured Italian sausage. It also seemed a bit lacking for the price; throwing in a slice of garlic bread like they do on spaghetti day would be better value.

Overall it was fine, but if it’s made to order pasta bar day you’re better off to go with that to fulfill your pasta craving.

Up tomorrow: chicken shawarma platter. Will be interesting to see how they handle this one...

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