Thursday, August 25, 2022

Eating off the Hill: New McDonalds chicken sandwich, the McCrispy

I'm always on the look-out for chicken sammy updates, and so when I heard McDonald's had a new chicken sandwich I knew I had to try it out for lunch my next in office day. 

McDonald's has has two main chicken sandwiches on its menu, the cheaper McChicken with processed meat and a regular chicken sandwich with breast meat that was a bit more expensive whose name I forget. Various variations are possible to those two bases, such as adding bacon for a deluxe version, or lately a rotating array of spicy mayos. There's also, of course, the Junior Chicken, a smaller patty, and that patty is also used for the English Muffin Chicken sandwich offered at breakfast.

I usually go for the classic McChicken, but this new McCrispy replaces the old fancy option. It's available in two base varieties: the McCrispy with shredded lettuce and mayo, or the McCrispy Deluxe which adds a slice of tomato and bacon. All on a potato bun.

I opted for the regular McCrispy, although I did try to swap out the regular mayo for a spicy one. Sadly, the app would now allow such frivolity. So I had to settle for the sandwich as the creator intended. From what I hear, in the U.S. the app and kiosk allow for all kinds of whacky combos. Sadly, in Canada we're on lockdown.

Getting it back to my desk, the sandwich was hot but the fries were not. The fries got a reheat, but let's focus on the sandwich.

The potato bun was pretty, and toasted on the insides. The chicken was breast meat, and the breading was indeed crispy. I got a slight hint of pepper, which I liked. Those were the positives. 

On the flip side, I could have used more breading. And more chicken. And a spicy mayo option. It was an OK fast food chicken sandwich. But no where near the size or the crispiness of the reigning champion from Popeye's. 

It's definitely a second-tier chicken sandwich. It's the chicken sandwich you get when you don't feel like beef but your friends insisted on going to McDonald's. It's a chicken sandwich, but not a Chicken Sandwich. 

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