Friday, September 02, 2022

Eating off the Hill: Ein gutes deutsches Essen bei SchnitzelWorks -- schnitzel lunch!

I again found myself with a rental car today before I head out of town for the long weekend tomorrow, and so my thoughts of course turned to where can I go for lunch that I couldn’t easily on transit? Having been watching a lot of German food videos lately, some googling lead me to SchnitzelWorks on Cyrville Road in Gloucester, which was rated highly and well-reviewed for its namesake dish.

That’s what they specialize in, and if you don’t like schnitzel you should probably go somewhere else. But I do, so this was the spot for me. It’s in a unassuming standalone building in an industrial area, as good food often is, and they look to do a brisk lunch business with lots of regulars – and indeed, are only open for breakfast and lunch.

The menu is long, but it’s all pretty much variations of schnitzel. You can get pork schnitzel or chicken schnitzel, on a bun or as part of a platter with sides. You can get a dizzying array of toppings; the traditional Weiner Schnitzel just takes a lemon wedge.

I went with a platter though and with what was a favourite of mine when I lives in Germany – beef gravy with mushrooms. Also known as jaeger schnitzel or hunter schnitzel. The platter comes with Spätzle (an egg pasta I always choose over fries in Germany) and red cabbage.

My drink came quickly, and my lunch wasn’t far behind – they run an efficient operation. The pork schnitzel was the size of my plate, pounded thin and breaded then shallow fried, and smothered in mushroom gravy. It sat atop a half plate of Spätzle and another half plate of red cabbage.

Truth be told, I had missed the cabbage in the menu description and wasn’t a fan – I would have just had them hold it if I’d realized. But that was the only down note.

The schnitzel was generous and tasty, the mushrooms plentiful, the noodles filling. Definitely as good as I’m likely to do outside Germany – and much better than the pretenders that serve schnitzel on Sparks Street.

With entrée and drink and tip it ended up near $35 (plater was $22), but it was a hearty meal. For a lighter lunch without a side, schnitzel sandwiches start at $15.

I left thinking I wouldn’t be back any time soon as I don’t regularly have a car, but I realized driving back home that it was maybe a five minute walk from the Cyrville O-Train station. So maybe I’ll say los gehts! again sooner than I thought.

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