Friday, September 30, 2022

Eating on the road: Wings at Gabriel's Gate in Buffalo

I'm a big fan of chicken wings. But chicken wings done right. In Toronto, I had Duff's Famous Wings. In Ottawa, there's not really any good spots for wings. Local Heroes isn't bad, but it's not worth the trek. If you're anywhere near Buffalo though, the home of chicken wings, a trip to Gabriel's Gate is a must for any wing connoisseur.

Located in the Allentown neighbourhood of downtown Buffalo, Gabriel's Gate is where the locals go. You may have heard of Anchor Bar, alleged to be the birthplace of the Buffalo wing. I've been there and had their wings. They're pretty good, but they're the tourist spot. 

With an angel outside to great you, Gabriel's Gate is a typical pub with old church pews for seating. No refills on soft drinks. Lots of other stuff on the menu -- we had onion rings as a suitable side. But I was there for the wings, and placed a double order of Hot so I'd be guaranteed leftovers to declare at customs.

Carrots and celery, ranch or blue cheese, and twenty big crispy juicy hot chicken wings. It's the crispiness that sets an OK wing apart from a wing done right. Most bar wings just don't have that. Yes, the sauce is important, and they do it well here. But using only good size wings, treating them properly, getting that crisp, most places don't take the care.

They're not cheap, but how often are you in Buffalo? Seize the day, my friends.

We all left full and with leftovers and, as good citizens, declared them at customs re-entering Canada.

"Where'd you go for the wings,?" we were asked.

"Gabriel's Gate."

"Oh yeah, they're good," said the man from Canada Customs and Border Protection, welcoming us home.

Indeed they are.

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