Saturday, October 08, 2022

Eating up the Hill: Committee scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam

I feel at this point that, after seven years working in the halls of Parliament, I've sampled most of what the Hill's catering services have to offer. But we had something I hadn't tried before at committee on Friday and, while I didn't go in with high expectations, I was quite pleasantly surprised: scones.

Doesn't sound overly exciting, I know. And there is room for improvement. If the scones could be warm, that would be a big step up. And the strawberry jam was a little separated and could have been more viscous.

But the clotted cream was amazing. And the combo of clotted cream, strawberry jam and scone was such a treat. And while it can't quite blot out the committee drama like those Philly angels enjoying cream cheese in the clouds have their worries float away, it is a sweet treat that brightened the day.

I mean, it's not SconeWitch, but it's a nice change from the usual fare.

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