Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Eating in New York: Shake Shack

 I know for most New York City food adventurers, regional burger chains aren't near the top of their lists. But Shake Shack is to the Eastern US and In-and-Out is to California, so with a short window for a bite between a Late Night taping and a stand-up show, I popped into a location just off Broadway for a burger and a shake.

It was a small storefront with no in-store seating but plenty of patio space, and thankfully it was a fairly warm November day so dining outdoors wasn't a problem. Ordering was by kiosk/tablet, with one out of service and four available. After a wait I placed my order and was asked to provide my mobile number, with the promise of a text when it was done.

I got an order-received text and went to sit outside for a bit, as there were no spots available on the waiting bench inside. After a few minutes I headed inside when a spot opened up, and watched the disinterested worker call out names as the bags came off the line.

Eventually they called out Jeff, and I took my bag and shake and repaired to the least dirty of the patio tables on the street corner, about a block from the Ed Sullivan theatre. 

They have crinkle fries, on which I passed because, as regular readers will now, I'm not a fry guy unless they're crispy with minimal potato, a la McD's. So I'll start with the shake. Like winter, Christmas is coming and they've launched their seasonal line of holiday shakes. There's a Chocolate Peppermint and a Christmas Cookie -- I went with the Chocolate Milk and Cookies.

It was thick, chocolatey and rich. A real challenge to suck through the straw. It was very tasty but I didn't finish it; I could tell the richness and the sugar was going to hit me too hard if I did.

On to the burger. I did a double ShackBurger, hold the lettuce and tomato, add bacon and onion. It's two patties of Angus Beed and comes with cheese and ShackSauce on a toasted potato bun.

It was cheesy beefy juicy tasty, and in line with Five Guys and all the smash burger chains that proliferate these days. If you have a burger craving it's a solid option. It's not an everyday burger, but it's a treat burger. Did I have a local option I'd get one a few times a year, but I don't think it lives up to the cultural hype. 

I do like it better than I recall liking In-and-Out, but that was a good 15 years ago so I made need to get to Cali and refresh my memory. 

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