Sunday, November 06, 2022

Eating on the road: Keg's prime rib a miss

I end up at The Keg maybe twice a year and I invariably order the same thing: garlic cheese toast appy, Keg classic NY strip with Caesar salad starter, mushrooms, veg. Reliable but satisfying. 

During a recent visit to a Keg to the north of Toronto (though it doesn't matter, all Kegs are the same) the server was pushing the prime rib and I thought, why not change it up? So I let him talk me into it. This was a mistake.

The garlic cheese toast was excellent as always, and probably better shared three ways as it was this time -- sometimes I dine solo and demolish it myself. The Caesar salad was fine. Garlicky, but missing bacon.

Then the entrée arrived and it looked fine, a thick slab of medium beef, some jus, a smattering of veg and mushrooms. The veg looked tired and not particularly fresh. Same for the mushrooms.

As for the beef? I would say it was lacking in flavour but there was one overwhelming note: salt. It did not taste particularly fresh or juicy. It tasted like empty protein calories. It was thoroughly disappointing. Not bad, not send it back because it's no good. Just, mediocre.

Obviously they had been pushing the prime rib for a reason, and it wasn't one that was in my best interests. My mistake. Next time, back to my old reliable NY strip.

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