Saturday, March 25, 2023

Eating off the Hill: McDonald's Chicken Big Mac a bland sloppy mess

While I consider it my mission to chronicle the fast food chicken sandwich wars, I knew going in that the limited-time stunt sammy from McDonald's, the Chicken Big Mac, would not be a worthy entry. But in the interests of science, I brought one back to the office the other day. And it managed to fail to meet my zero expectations.

I should confess, I've never been a Big Mac fan. I've always been all about the quarter pounder with cheese -- which, in France, they call a royale with cheese. Why they don't call it a royale avec fromage I don't know. Move on already. And I've never had a burger and thought, you know what this needs? More bun! Like really.

But anyway, try the Chicken Big Mac I did -- I did hold the pickles and, thankfully, the special order did not upset them. Besides, there was plenty of pickle taste in the Big Mac sauce.

In short, it was a bland and sloppy mess that after a few bites was a real challenge to eat. Between the heavy sauce and the half a head of lettuce shred, the patties were quickly slip-sliding around. I like to eat an orderly sandwich, without my patty to bun ratio getting out of whack.

And the patties. They seemed to be created for this sandwich, which is an usual fast food move. Taco Bell has perfected the supply chain-friendly practice of using the same dozen ingredients in one hundred different ways. But not McDonald's, it seems.

The McChicken or the fancier fillets would probably too big to replicate the Big Mac esthetic, but the junior chicken patties could have worked. And being a bit peppery would have had more taste than the bland new patties they developed.

I will not be having this sandwich again. Back to the royale with cheese for me.

For the record, God tier chicken sammy is still the spicy chicken sandwich from Popeye's. I've had it several times since that review fresh in store and it is amazing.

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