Friday, June 02, 2023

Eating off the Hill: Fish and Chips at Surfside in Comox

 I always say when you’re having fish, get as close to the ocean as possible. If you can dine outside and smell the salt air, even better.

Whenever I’m back home in the Comox Valley I always get fish and chips. Usually I’m back in the winter, but recently during a spring visit I was back in time for the opening for the season of Surfside, a fish and chip truck in the part next to the Comox Harbour.

They have an extensive menu, from traditional fish & chops to po’ boys, tacos and oysters. I’ll have to try a po’ boy on a future visit to see how they compare to New Orleans, but on my first visit I stuck to my standard: halibut and chips, sub onion rings for the chips. I also got a cup of chowder, which came with grilled garlic bread.

They cook it fresh, which was fine because I wasn’t early. It also gave me time to check their math, as even with tax it didn’t seem to add up. I wasn’t expecting it to be cheap, but this was a little crazy. Turns out they did get the math wrong by almost $10, which I got back when I asked them to run the numbers again. So do check their math, as that’s too much to let go.

Only other negative was Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Coke, but we can live with that.

I took my food to a picnic table in the park and dug in. The chowder was tasty and warmed the heart. The onion rings were thin and crunch, as I like them. Some places go too heavy on the batter; they did not. Slaw was slaw. Halibut was delicious, flaky, yummy. My favourite for fish and chips.

A good lunch on a nice day in the park with a breeze off the harbour, but not cheap and check their math.

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