Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Eating in the air: Air Canada's new Jérôme Ferrer, meal box

 Even if I'm not always hungry during the flight, if I'm going cross-country in particular I find a little nosh helps to pass the flight. And I'm a planner, so I will often pre-order my meal when I book my ticket to save a few bucks. This is what led me to have Air Canada's new meal box on a recent flight from Vancouver back to Ottawa that they've developed in partnership with Montreal chef Jérôme Ferrer.

Honestly, by the time the flight came around I had forgotten just what I had ordered, just that I had ordered something. When we settled into our cruising altitude the flight attendant came around w\ith an armful of long, thin boxes and one was for me.

Curious to see what I had ordered, I broke the seal and opened the box -- and was immediately underwhelmed. Inside the box was a vacuum-packed sandwich, a couscous salad and a slice of cranberry load.

The sandwich was not easy to open as there seemed to be no seam but, eventually, I did get the plastic off. And again, underwhelmed. I wish I had the presence of mind to take a photo. It was supposed to be a chicken salad sandwich, but they dolled out the filling so sparingly that the bread to stuff ratio was almost all bread. It was fresh enough but not great at all.

I didn't finish the quinoa salad. It needed more flavour and was just kind of meh.

The standout, surprisingly, was the cranberry loaf. Very tasty with the tart fruit.

All in all, I prefer the regular Air Canada bistro offerings like the cheese and fruit plate or the macaroni and cheese. If I was Jérôme, and I know nothing about him, I would not want to put my name on this. 4/10.

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