Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Eating on the road: Bougie breakfast at KŌST in Toronto

 During a trip a little while back to downtown Toronto, I found myself in the market for a leisurely breakfast/brunch. Not feeling the local greasy spoons, which, to be honest, aren't exactly cheap anyways, we decided to lean in to the bougie breakfast and try KŌST.

Located inside the also bougie (based on the lobby, anyways) Bisha Hotel, KŌST is on the 44th floor and offers a very nice view of the CN Tower and downtown Toronto with floor to ceiling windows. The patio looks like a hot summer hangout, but we were there on a chilly almost winter day so were glad for the indoor heating.

There's a well-curated breakfast and brunch menu, and, of course, some boozy breakfast cocktails. I decided to put together my own breakfast by combining a few of the sides, ordering the chorizo sausage, the naturally smoked bacon, and some sourdough toast with butter.

It was all delicious. The highlight and best value was definitely the chorizo sausage. Two full-sized sausages (I had demolished half of one when I remembered to take the photo) for $10 is comparable to sausage cart pricing. And this is quality, locally-sourced butcher sausage. The side of bacon was also $10; not as good value as the sausage but still sinfully delicious. The bread was fresh and the butter quality.

Definitely recommend this spot if you're in the mood for a bougie breakfast with a view in downtown Toronto.

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