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Eating on the Road: The Bicycle Thief in Halifax

I did a great deal of research and sought advice from local experts before my visit to Halifax, intending to make the most of my time from a culinary perspective and lean heavily onto the seafood side of things. And after getting off the train, checking into my hotel and dropping my bags, it was a short but brisk walk to a cozy spot on the waterfront at Bishop's Landing: The Bicycle Thief.

Although it was dark both outside and inside, it seemed a trendy looking spot and was surprisingly hopping on a Thursday night. Luckily, I had snagged a reservation before leaving the hotel so I was quickly showed to my table on arrival. I ordered a glass of malbec and began to examine the menu -- which, of course, I had pre-scouted the week before.

I like a good chowder and I was determined to have a lot of it while in Halifax. So while the scallops sounded interesting, for my starter I ordered the Lobster & Corn Chowder, new potatoes, vidalia onions, crisp double smoked bacon.

I think in my parade of chowder I peaked on the first night. This was truly excellent. Rich, flavourful, so tasty, chunks of lobster, not potato heavy, the bacon really elevated it and I love me some corn in a chowder. It hit all the notes. So good.

I stuck with the lobster theme for my main and also designed to eschew the heavier options, after having had breakfast and lunch on the train. An elevated pasta dish seemed like the right call, so I went with the Agnolotti all’Aragosta, handmade pasta filled with fresh NS Lobster, Lobster & sherry crema, lemon & herb gremolata.

It was a great complement to the chowder. Again, rich, creamy and flavourful. Really developed flavours in the sauce. Chunks of lobster. Perfectly cooked pasta.

No space for desert, so I walked back to the hotel uphill on a chilly Halifax night and not a great night's sleep. It wasn't a cheap meal, but was not the most expensive of my visit either -- that was a disappointing steak dinner I'll share later.

But if you're looking for a truly memorable fancy dinner with great Italian-inspired local seafood on the Halifax harbour, I would definitely recommend The Bicycle Thief.

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