Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nomination Fixing Part Two, Electric Boogallo

Left Coast writer and blogger Sean "The Public Eye" Hollman is tracking still more Conservative nomination fixing, again in Gurmant Grewal's old riding of Newton-North Delta. You'll recall that's the same riding former Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum had wanted to run in, but claimed he was shoved aside by the party brass. Now it seems another wannabe candidate, Jesse Johl, is crying foul and filing a complaint with the Conservative Party bosses.

Who is the "star" Conservative candidate that it seems John Reynolds and Stephen Harper have pushed aside any nomination competition to secure an acclimation for? One Phil Eidsvik. Hollman has another interesting piece on his background. He really seems worth the trouble, doesn't he?

two candidates sidelined in Newton North-Delta to get Eidsvik "acclaimed", and then there's the ongoing Allan Cutler/Alan Riddel saga in Ottawa South. It seems Riddell is still sticking by his story he was offered $50,000 cash (in a brown envelope maybe?) by the Conservatives for his campaign expenses in exchange for dropping out of the race in favour of Cutler, the sponsorship scandal whistleblower.

Very troubling. I'm still waiting for the Cons to spin their way out of this one while condemming the Liberals for doing the same thing they're doing. Or we could just keep talking about beer and popcorn. Yes, that's more relevant, isn't it?

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