Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sign, sign, where are the frickin signs?

I’m home for the holidays on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The snow of Toronto has been replaced with rain and wind, but at least it’s a little warmer. What is missing on the Left Coast landscape however is any Liberal campaign signs.

I’ve seen signs, both lawn and large, for the Conservatives, the NDP and even the Green Party, but nary a Liberal sign is up yet in my old riding. I’m told this isn’t confined to this riding though, in the Lower Mainland (where we’re actually competitive) and across the province it seems the ‘brain trust’ have decided not to put up any signs until after Christmas.

Genius, pure genius. Makes us look amateur, like we can’t afford signs or think we don’t have a chance and aren’t bothering. The kids really do need some adult supervision, I think.

On another note, the local Conservative incumbent, John Duncan, sent out a mailer yesterday, courtesy the taxpayers of Canada. First week or two of the campaign I could let that go, but this is a little too late for these to be going out on our dime. He narrowly squeaked back in last year, trailing the NDP candidate until the military vote came in. When you’re fighting for you life though, ethics seems to go out the window, doesn’t they John?

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Anonymous said...

Is this serious? A Liberal lecturing someone on ethics? Wow, wonders never ceasing you know!

A BCer in Toronto said...

And Merry Christmas to you my hiding behind anonymity, nothing substantive to say friend!

Richard said...

Alrightythen, I'll say it...

Just who the hell are you, an aparently confirmed liberal, to lecture others on ethics? Further, I'd like to know exactly what back-up you've got that shows the CPC candidate is using public funds for their mail-out.

Please, put-up or shut-up.

A BCer in Toronto said...

I'm a citizen who has call attention to any possible ehtical lapse I want to. I've read on many blogs CPC supporters chastise Liberal MPs for similar franking lapses. Who the hell are they to lecture on ethics? They, like me, are taxpaying citizens and voters who have every right to voice their opinion. How does the fact I have been a Liberal supporter cancel my right to free speech?

As to the note in question, it was not authorized by the candidate's official agent, so clearly it wasn't from his campaign. If it did come from the campaign and lacked the stamp, that was a violation of elections law. Given its similarity in format to non-writ period communications from his office, it seems obvious this comes form his MP office budget, paid for by the taxpayers, a privelege all MPs have but don't use during a writ period. It is bad for Liberals, NDPers, and the BQ to do/have done so as well.

So, back to my question. I have never been an employee of the Liberal party or run for office, I have merely volunteered by time in the past, and voted for them a few times. They've probably got my vote this time too, despite my lack of enthusiasm for the current leadership. But at what point did I sign away my right to free speech, pray tell?

I dislike ehtical violations by any party, including those that lecture others on ethics from glass houses. And I'll continue to call it as I see it.

Anonymous said...

So, why do you want a name attached to my post? So you can look it up ala Tom Wappell? There's a real good reason people choose to remain anonymous when dealing with Liberals, given the Libs' propensity for using their positions against constituents. Supporting the Liberals, like you do, means you have forgiven them (and yourself, how big of you) for all the ethical lapses, all the stolen money, all the lies and all the backstabbing. You are not one I'd choose to reveal my name to, nor take advice on ethical breaches. Sorry.

Red Tory said...

Here in my riding (Esquimalt Juan de Fuca) our Liberal candidate asked that we not put signs up until at least yesterday. The reason being he wanted to express his displeasure at the opposition forcing an unnecessary election around the holidays. Secondly, he thought it was obnoxious to be canvassing when people had more important personal affairs on their mind.

Miles Lunn said...

I think a Liberal win is unlikely in Vancouver Island North, although I do expect them to pick up seats in BC. However, considering how well the NDP is doing in BC and the fact they almost beat John Duncan last time around, I think they can take it this time. Maybe once the threat of Stephen Harper is gone, this riding will go Liberal, but too many progressive voters will vote strategically to keep the Tories out.