Tuesday, December 27, 2005

You're a Liberal? Shut your mouth!

It has been brought to my attention recently in my comments section that as someone who has supported the Liberals (confession time, I voted NDP once strategically out of annoyance with Mac Harb when I lived in Ottawa-Centre) I have no right to point out improper behaviour by other political parties. I have always tried to point out behaviour I disagree with by all parties (for example, nomination fixing by the Liberals and the Cons), and will continue to do so. I must have missed the memo that said voting Liberal cancels your right to free speech.

In the interests of balance through, I offer these thoughts on recent Liberal scandals, prominent Liberals and ex-Liberals, in no particular order:

Paul Martin: Squandered his potential, too loyal to a self-absorbed clique that has/is giving him bad advice.
Jean Chretien: Liked the little guy, but he wore out his welcome even before he left office. Benefited greatly from a divided right.
Sponsorship scandal: Bad, those responsible should, and are, being punished.
Nomination fixing: Bad when the Liberals do it (Etobicoke-Lakeshore), bad when the Cons do it (Ottawa-South, Newton-North Delta). Bad for Dippers and the BQ too.
Mike Klander: Bad and stupid, good riddance.
Scott Reid: Dumb, with a dash of arrogance, smarten up.
Scott Feschuck: Funny and entertaining.
Warren Kinsella: Was a fan, but his bitter is hurting his credibility.

Now back to the World Junior Hockey Championships. I hope that, despite being a Liberal, I can still cheer for Canada. Go Canada Go!

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James Bowie said...

I'm very proud to say that the Charter's protection of freedom of expression extends even to Liberals.

Blog on.

Paul Vincent said...

Not everyone has been brought to task. There are still people in the Liberal Party whom are still running in this election who are and have been running on illegal funding. Martin has refused to bring forth internal party financing to show who received this money to decide whether or not it clinched the election in key ridings. If it did then some potential NDP, Conservative, and Bloc candidates in certain ridings require an apology as well... possibly even compensation for the job that was illegally taken from them.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

I sadly have to agree with you about Kinsella. I keep checking back to see if things have settled back into their pre-Gomery groove, and there's usually one *real* gem there every time I look. But the bitter is overpowering.

Anonymous said...

The pit bulls that Martin needed to clear the way for The Team should all be put down now. Unfortunately, they've now become the puppetmasters.

Anonymous said...

You've missed the point. Tsk, tsk. The "Gomerization" of Adscam hasn't shown where the money went, wasn't allowed to name the candidates and ridings that received the STOLEN money, and couldn't look into Herle et. Co.'s interesting contracts. But Liberals forgiving themselves for their sins, before confessing them, the thief deciding how much he should pay back, those are the greatest sins of all. Vote Liberal, toss out the odd tut-tut to make yourself feel better, but don't expect us to applaud you. We'll applaud when you vote for someone other than the corrupt, arrogant, and rudderless Liberals.

By the way, how do you feel about Liberal insider trading?????