Thursday, January 19, 2006

Activist judges guarding government daycare institutions

Stephen Harper warned Canadians yesterday about the scourge of activist judges plaguing Canada.

Now, it won't surprise you to learn I don't often agree with Stephen. In fact, it's very rare. But in this case I do. I've had it with activist judges.

Just yesterday, after work, I was walking from my apartment in suburban Scarborough to the local No Frills to pick up a few groceries. And guess who were hanging-out outside the store? A gang of activist judges.

They were in their black robes and throwback powdered wigs, banging their gavels menacingly at me as I walked by. One even threatened to "hold me in contempt" and " bust a gavel on my ass" as I walked by. I've had it! Why can't I walk the streets safely without being accosted by activist judges?

I hear these activist judges are now even acting as guards at the government daycare institutions springing up in the Canadian wilderness, where the children snatched from the hands of their God-fearing parents are sent to be raised by the state and indoctrinated into the ways of Liberalism.

So I say Stephen, you go girlfriend!

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Sara said...

Buzz Hargrove states on 580 CFRA Ottawa today that:

"Quebecers have a better sense of what Canada is about than Albertans!"

Click on my name to get more...

BCer if you read my blog you will see why I stay at home with my children!

A BCer in Toronto said...

It's been a four or five years now since I've lived in O-Town, but does CFRA still have "breaking news every hour and bulletins at once"?

I've always thought it would make more sense to have the breaking news at once and the bulletins every hour. But then again, I work in print, not radio, so I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Hey bcer in toronto: Do you know anything about the Liberal Day Care platform? If you really look at it carefully you'll see that it only affects about 13% of all children in Canada. Now with the Liberals record of fiscal responsibility (Gun Registry), you know very well that the bulk of all the money earmarked for the Child Care program is going to go to bureaucrats who are going to set up the program. Same with the NDP. When is everybody going to wake up and understand that The Government does not always know best on how to run programs effeciently.

A BCer in Toronto said...


My intent was to poke fun at the Conservative rallying-cry against "government day care institutions", which seems to imply some kind of reconditioning camp, not debate the relative merits of the Con and Lib child care platforms.

Briefly though, since you asked, I don't think either party has it right.

The Liberal plan doesn't address parents who want to stay home and the loss of income and tax penalties that entails.

The Conservative plan isn't really a plan at all. A dollar a day may buy a computer, but it won't by child care or help stay at home parents much.

I'd like to see more affordable spaces created, and help for families that need assistance to access those spaces. For parents that choose to stay home to raise their children something needs to be done to help them too.

Sara said...

Then please whichever MP you elect in your riding, go to them and express your issues.
No one is standing up for the stay at home parents!

Anonymous said...

Fianlly a Liberal who talks honestly about policy instead of looking through rose-colored glasses. I see your point of view. However, as Sara mentioned stay-at-home parents need to recieve support too. I personally think the Conservative plan, although not enough, is the better direction at this point. However, this is coming from someone who's youngest child is 27. But he is going to be starting a family soon so that is my concern.

EX-NDIP said...

I was under the understanding that the children in the Liberal Day-Care Systen would be read to from the Liberal Red Book every day . . . this Liberal/Socialist program - much like Fidel's in Cuba.
I also understand that the Quebec system is plaged with long waiting lists . . . Govt run enterprises are so predictable . . .

The Liberals are the party of big government. Under their patron saint, Pierre Trudeau, the federal government went from consuming 30% of national income to 53%. When government devours more than half of a nation’s economic output, government no longer serves taxpayers, taxpayers serve government.