Thursday, January 19, 2006 looks at political parties and the Web

This press release electronically crossed my desk this afternoon. I have to disagree with them on Feschuk, I think he's hilarious.

Election 2006: Forget the best platform, who has the best blog, website?

    TORONTO, Jan. 19 /CNW/ - From BlackBerries to websites, the
federal election campaign has become a digitized affair. But,
which Canadian political parties are really up-to-date with the
times? PC, Canada's premier source for trusted tech
advice, has the scoop on which parties are the trend setters and
which are still stuck on brick phones and pagers. In recognition
of these brave attempts to use technology to help Canadians select
a new government, is introducing the Federal
Election Digital Awards, highlighting the most impressive features
and puzzling gaffes from each party's website.

"The election touches everyone, and so does technology. So it
seemed fitting we look at how tech-savvy the political parties are,"
said Jim Ducharme, Editor of "The infrastructure behind
the parties gives the lowdown on who is really up-to-date with the

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