Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another Kinsella fib, or just a screw-up?

From Chretien-Liberal Warren Kinsella's blog this morning:

Chuckles: along with a lot of ham-fisted fake TV spots floating around the web, and outed by the sharp-eyed Coyne (I suspect the culprits are the idle fingers of certain war roomers, bored over the holidays)...

Would Warren mean this "fake" TV spot now posted on the CPC Web site?

I also love how it is immediately preceded in the Conservative video lineup by this ad:

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Ed Hollett said...

But it's even funnier to take Warren's comment considering the ad is real and the lead graphic on the Connie website is none other than the amazing Dingwall.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my mistake. The production values were so shitty, I couldn't believe it was real. Coyne felt similarly, seems.

Over and out,

Warren K

A BCer in Toronto said...

Understandable Warren, I thought the same myself at first until I saw it on TV last night.

I'd just figured that by the time you'd posted this morning you might have seen or heard one of the newspaper, tv or radio reports (ie., page A4 of the Globe and Mail) confirming it exists, seen the ad on the Conservative Web site, or maybe heard it on TV or radio yourself.

I'm sure though that you'll now correct the record on your blog.