Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Average Canadian or Liberal? Part Deux

Last month the NDP ran a popular game on their Web site and in their e-newsletters, inviting people to watch the Liberal Party's television commercials and answer the question “Average Canadian, or Liberal insider?” The craze swept the nation, replacing Trivial Pursuit and Parchessi as the game of choice as family and friends gathered together over the holiday season.

(BTW here’s a hint, if it says Liberal next to their name, they might be a Liberal insider. As it does next to Adrienne's name. As an aside I know Adrienne, and I think she's an above-average Canadian. So is her dad.)

Well, it’s baaaaacckkk! In today’s NDP e-newsletter, they invite Canadians to participate in find the Liberal insider, part two!

The Liberals’ first TV ad featured images of everyday people rhyming off reasons why they’d vote Liberal. But those “average Canadian” turned out to be Liberal insiders, staffers and relatives! With even more of these ads airing now, we’re inviting Canadians to join us in playing Round 2 of “Average Canadian or Liberal Insider?”

Play with your friends today! For convenience sake I’ve linked to the latest Liberal ads, shown below. Can YOU spot the Liberal insider masquerading as an average Canadian? Be sure to contact Jack Layton if you know the answer.

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Red Tory said...


Well, I guess you could say that Paul Martin isn't "average" but then what national leader is? And is that kid he's embracing a registered Liberal? Inquiring minds want to know!