Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Colbert gives Paul Martin a Tip of the Hat

And who said Americans would be offended by the Liberal attack ads? Stephen Colbert thinks they're just great, and gave Paul Martin a "Tip of the Hat", and not a "Wag of the Finger", on The Colbert Report last night (note the 'T' is silent, it's French b**ch).

Said Stephen, after airing the Washington Times ad:

"Well done Mr. Martin. You've brought negative campaign tactics and electoral fear mongering to Canada. I take back everything I'd said about your ineffectual political process. Oh, sure, maybe a lot of folks here in the States will be grumbling about Paul Martin's obstensible
anti-Americanism but I take a longer view. This is a step in the right direction. Canada has a lot to learn from us about running a democracy and we've got to be willing to play the bad guy here. So, to Canada I say nice job. Next time imply he has an illegitimate black child."

You can watch the video here, enjoy!

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Toronto Tory said...

Colbert's pretty funny.. I saw that last night.

The best part was that the American audience laughed as if the ad was fake.. then stopped when the realized that it wasn't.

Karen Ho said...

For all the bullshit hassle of elections, I have to admit. Some pretty funny shit comes out of them. Have you guys seen this?

pretty funny.

CanadianTruth said...

I love the ra-por! It was pretty funny last night, but I apparently was laughing for a different reason.

Some funny spoofs here as well.

The funniest thing is that it doesn't seem like they are going that much farther over the edge than the real ones. ;)

A BCer in Toronto said...

I have seen that one Karen, as Jon Stewart would say "mmmmm that's good satire!"

That's site is amusing too CT, looks like people with lots of time on their hands. Maybe this explains Canada's productivity gap?