Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Manitoba Con MP threatens native group?

I haven't seen any media coverage of this yet, other than a brief mention on Canada AM of all places. But apparently, after the Manitoba Metis Federation endorsed the Liberals, they say Conservative MP Inky Mark sent them an e-mail warning the endorsement would "hurt (the) organization."

In a press release issued yesterday, MMF president David Chartrand quoted Mark as saying "taking sides will hurt you and your organization sooner or later."

Very distributing allegations, and I look forward to hearing what Mark has to say for himself, and what Stephen Harper has to say for him. And for those of you who say native groups shouldn't be endorsing political parties I seem to recall the Connies making quite a big deal about this endorsement from the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.

Here's the MMF release:

Conservative MP Threatens Metis Nation - CPC MP Inky Mark says: “taking sides will hurt you and your organization sooner or later”

Tuesday, January 17 2006

For Immediate Release
January 17, 2006

WINNIPEG – In a recent email to Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand, Conservative MP for Dauphin-Swan River Inky Mark suggests that if a Conservative Party should form Government that the road ahead for the Metis People will be in jeopardy.

“Mr. Mark has indicated that our endorsement of the Liberal Platform will hurt our organization,” said President Chartrand. “That indicates a direct threat towards the MMF and the entire Metis Nation”.


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Gary McHale said...

Wow, a conservative MP tells people that supporting the Liberals will not benefit them.

Have I not heard this dozens of times from Liberal groups in the past week - vote Conservative and Canada will be destroyed. Do we not hear this from the Labour Unions that voting Conservatives will harm us? Do we not heard this from Liberals in every election that if you do not vote in a Liberal person you will not have someone on the inside fighting for you?

Has Mr. Martin not been telling NDP people to vote Liberal if they want a voice in Ottawa? Is this not the same as saying to someone that if you vote Conservative or NDP your group will be harmed because you will have no voice in the Liberal government?

Just wonder why it surprises people when a Conservative says the same thing?

A BCer in Toronto said...

Seriously, do you really not see the difference Gary?

Gary McHale said...

You use the word "threatens" - what does this mean - physical harm or lack of voice in Ottawa?

I hear every day how various people say thing in a way to ensure that after the election they can still gain some benefit from the party in power - I wish it was not the case but it is.

Even Mr. Layton is wording things every day to ensure that he doesn't overstate his attacks on Harper (Martin is publical complianting about this). Why does Layton or anyone act this way - to ensure that they do not harm their group after the election is over.

Picking a side, by definition, places you in arms way - again it shouldn't be but it is. Do all riding receive the same amount of money as the ridings in the governing party's ridings - NO. Therefore, is there not harm or a 'threat' of harm for any riding voting against the winner?

Will a Liberal MP in a riding get as much for his riding if the Conservative's win - NO - again reality.

A BCer in Toronto said...

The president of the Manitoba Metis Federation used the word 'threatens.'

I think it's one thing for a politician to say if you don't elect me your voice won't be heard, the other guy won't care about your cause, etc.

It's quite another for an MP to "threaten" the leader of a group representing Manitoba's Metis communities for having the audacity to endorse the platform of his competition, and warn of consequeces should his party form government.

I don't know exactly what Mr. Mark meant by threaten. I look forward to his clarification on the matter.

Will a Liberal MP in a riding get as much for his riding if the Conservative's win - NO - again reality.

I thought this was one of the things Harper was going to clean up, end corruption, favourtism and all that. Are you saying, Chris, that Conservative policy will be to divert taxpayer dollars unevenly to Conservative-held ridings? How interesting.

Anonymous said...

One, has it been proven that this email is legitimate?

If it is, has he provided the exact wording or paraphrased for himself? As to "threaten", it appears that he has used that word pretty loosely and left it open to his own interpretation.

As to that it would harm voting liberal, speaking for my whole ABORIGINAL family who support the Conservatives fully, yes, it does cause harm to the Metis cause by being perceived that they believe one way is the only way, their way. By publicly backing these liars who break their promises to us, keep us dependant, don't support aboriginal women's rights and use us as their political tool just to keep power says that we are okay with that - WE'RE NOT!

Yeah, I know, it's not possible for aboriginals to choose other than liberal, right? Because we always have to be told how to vote, right? The status quo is just fine for us because after an election we no longer matter, right? Thanks for taking a second look at HIS motives and why he wants liberals in, questioning his story, appreciate having someone stand up for us. Oh wait, we're just political optics, right?