Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A hump day media potpourri

Here's a few interesting stories that caught my eye as I read the news this morning:

Harper says don't worry about handing us a majority Canadians because we won't be able to screw-up the country too badlym, what with that Liberal Senate, Liberal public service, and those dastardly activist Liberal judges to keep us in line.

Nice play, and right out of Dubaya's playbook. The beginning of the blame Clinton Martin defence for a future Conservative government's failures. I think Republican apologists are still blaming Bill Clinton for Bush's problems and it's, what, six years later?

Perhaps Paul should focus correcting his own flawed pathetic inept campaign strategy before he goes offering advice to others.

Apparently under a Conservative government Canada wouldn't be 'cool' anymore. Why isn't this guy designing the Liberal TV ads?

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