Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Go negative or go home

Just stumbled on the new Liberal nuclear attack ads via Paul Wells and all I can say is HOLY CRAP! They've obviously seen the polls and relaized the only chance left for The Board is to scare the crap put of Canadians

There are a whole series of ads, all going hard after Stephen Harper. They hit all your favourite attack lines, including his love for George W. Bush and Mikey Harris, and how he hates the Maratimes. They're so scare-mongery it's campy, I burst a gut through most of them. I espically love the (probably not intended to be) humourous taglines ending each one.

The best one? No doubt, it's:

"No. We did not make that up.
We're not allowed to make stuff up."

My verdict? Two thumbs up, the feel scared thrill ride of the year! This is going to be fun, I can't wait to see the next Conservative ads in response.

My only regret? The Board didn't go with my "Stephen Harper, why is he silent on baby eating? Does he support the eating of babies?" ad pitch.

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Kim said...

Some will say scare tactics, others might say they are just reminding us why we didn't vote for him last time LOL

Jason Hickman said...

Heh. Cute post.

The Liberals' "Reptillian Kitten-Eater" ad is presumably on the way.

In all seriousness, the Libs have, according to Paul Wells, already realised that they've gone to far and have yanked at least one of the ad's.

I'm too partisan to really be an impartial judge (not that that has ever stopped anyone in the blogsphere ...) but I have to wonder if there's some risk of these ad's being seen as too over the top. They may blow up in the Board's face yet.

Jason Hickman said...

They're so scare-mongery it's campy, I burst a gut through most of them.

I kinda liked the "end-of-Revenge-of-the-Sith-or-maybe-Triumph-of-the-Will drumbeat throughout.

Like I said (2 minutes ago - sorry for taking up all the space!), this may be a case of too much negativity.

A BCer in Toronto said...

They're over the top with the negativity, no doubt to the point as i I said of being campy. Each does though have elements of truth. You don't have to make the stuff up about Harper, he's given them so much to work with over the years.

Risk of a backlash? I think the thinking is we're going down, so what have we got to loose?

Koby said...

yes it is time to get the quote out. Less doom and gloom and more quote.

Conservative principles

National Pride (Standing up for Canada)

Stephen Harper: “Any country with Canada’s insecure smugness and resentment can be dangerous.” National Post December 8 2000/ http://www.stephenharpersaid.ca/
Stephen Harper: “Canada is a Northern Welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it.”

Stephen Harper: “I delivered [speeches] everywhere I went … about the spirit of defeatism in the country”
National Post, May 31 2002

Stephen Harper: “Whether Canada ends up as one national government or two national governments or several national governments, or some other kind of arrangement is, quite frankly, secondary in my opinion. http://thetyee.ca/News/2004/05/20/So_What_DID_Harper_Say/

Respect for Tradition

Myron Thompson: “I want the whole world to know that I do not condone homosexuals. I do not condone their activity. I do not like what they do. I think it is wrong. I think it is unnatural and I think it is totally immoral. I will object to it forever they attack the good traditional Canadian family unit that built the country.” (Hansard, June 15, 1995)

David Sweet: “men are natural influencers, whether we like it or not. … Its because Jesus knew women would naturally follow. Men, on the other hand, had to be called. (Christian Week November 27 2001)

Garry Breitkreuz: "In the 1950s, buggery was a criminal offence, now it’s a requirement to receive benefits from the federal government.” (The Leader-Post, March 3, 2000)

Darrell Reid: “The liberalization of divorce laws was the biggest disaster to hit Canada, short of common-law marriage” (http://www.mesacanada.com/news12.htm

Free Market Economics

Paul Forseth: "Old age security is welfare for the aged." [Vancouver Sun, October 6, 1993]

Gary Breitkreuz: Using research done by a right wing Fraser Institute economist, Breitkreuz urged the provincial government of Saskatchewan to eliminate its minimum wage. People should be given the "freedom of choice". [The Potashville Miner’ Journal, Feb. 28, 1996]

Peter Goldring: “I have strong concerns that we're building [homeless] shelters on a grander and grander scale.” (Calgary Herald, March 6, 2002

Derek Zeisman: “I would advocate the elimination of all corporate and business taxes at the federal level.” http://www.asprimeminister.com/english/atstake-book/body/library/book_1998/body/26_zeisman_e.htm

Strong Foreign Policy

Inky Mark: “Foreign nationals without status should not be under the protection of the Canadian charter.” (Hansard, February 26 2001)

Leon Benoit: On Paul Fromm (http://www.chilliwacktimes.com/issues02/075102/news/075102nn1.html), head of Canada First Immigration Reform Committee who proclaim on their website “made with European culture accept no substitute”

“The first time we met I didn’t know his background … I chatted with him a little bit, I think on the Hill here. And I met him in Toronto, and you know, some of the things he said made a lot of sense. I think he offered some good suggestions for changing the immigration system.” (National Post, June 18, 2001)

Joe Li: “It looks like we just get all the garbage (immigrants) from Ottawa.” (Toronto Star, February 6 2002)

Stephen Harper: “west of Winnipeg the ridings the Liberals hold are dominated by people who are either recent Asian immigrants or recent migrants from eastern Canada: people who live in ghettoes and who are not integrated into western Canadian society.”

Tough on Crime

Conservative press release: “Today, [Paul] Martin says he’s against child pornography. But his voting record proves otherwise.” http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1087594937300_83004137?s_name=&no_ads=

Myron Thompson “said he favored corporal punishment for young offenders. He says that during his years as a school principal in Alberta, he saw remarkable change in behaviour among those who had ‘tasted a piece of wood.’” (Edmonton Sun, March 13, 1995)

Art Hanger: “I suspect flogging straightens up behavior by jolting a criminal into reality … Compare it to our system, which provides no deterrence and is little more than a revolving door … Is corporal punishment extreme? … I don’t think so.” (Alberta Report, April 1, 1996)

Vic Toews: – Justice Critic “…Vic Toews says he'd like to go back to the good old days of tossing people into jail for unpaid traffic fines.” A number of years ago it used to be simply (if) you didn't pay the fine you went to jail," said Toews.” (Winnipeg Sun, July 26, 1999)

Support for the Traditional Marriage

Stockwell Day: “Homosexuality is a mental disorder that can be cured through counseling” Alberta Report, February 3, 1992

Gary Caldwell: “If homosexuality is normal, must we also permit bestiality?” (La Presse, September 9, 1995)

Art Hanger: “Homosexuality, to anyone who has not been brainwashed by the last decade of effective propagandizing by the gay lobby, is unnatural. It is a repudiation of nature. Nature requires procreation. Morality must defend the continuation of humanity. Rights must protect those things that promote the continuation of our country and of our species. Homosexuality does none of those things. Homosexuality is nihilistic. It protects nothing, it defends nothing, it continues nothing, and it sustains nothing." (Hansard June 1, 1995)

Cindy Silver: “I happen to believe that homosexuality is wrong.”

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, all you good Liberals, how do you feel about media intimidation?

Jim said...

Hey Anonymous, I was wondering the same thing.

- Martin says you are only Canadian if you vote Liberal
- Martin wants the PMO to have supreme authority via appointed courts and a banned notwithstanding clause
- Attemped censoring of government
- Disrespect towards the military
- Corruption

- not to mention these ads are brutal and their will be a backlash as large as Kim Campbell's ads about Chretien in the death days of her campaign.

This is not my Liberal party, please for the love of god bring back Manley!!!!!!!!!!!

ex-Liberal, Vanier

Jason Hickman said...

BCer, it just got worse for your team (follow the link & click on VIDEO) ...

That J Duffy's one crafty son of a gun, isn't he?

Elizabeth said...

I see all you libs are proud of your guys attitude towards our military. If I ever see a lib politician at a remembrance day ceremony again I'll have to puke.

EX-NDIP said...

Sane Libs everywhere will be bailing out . . . Paul (over-the-top) Martin seems to have enlisted Joseph Gobell's great-grandson to run the media campaign.
Scarry Paul wants to ban the Notwithstanding Clause, Appoint Senators and Judges, he controls the elected Lib members in goose-stepping style . . . . folks . . . bend over a kiss democracy goodbye . . .
Bye the way . . . did you head about Crazy Paul's Space Gun Registry Program? This old fool can't even communicate with Quebec and the US . . . how would he talk to the World????

A BCer in Toronto said...

Thanks ex-ndip, that was without a doubt the most entertaining and hilarious comment I've had to my blog yet. In particular, I love how you accused Martin of being over the top AND called him a Nazi in the same sentance. Bravo!

Jason Hickman said...

(To the beat-beat-beat of the tom-tom...)

Over-the-top rhetoric.

In the blogosphere.

In Canada.

During an election

Does Stephen Harper know about this?

Does Mike Harris?

Does Robert Borden?

We just don't know. They just won't tell us.

Chose your blogspot.

A BCer in Toronto said...

You just can't make this stuff up, can you? Besides, we're not allowed to make stuff up.