Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Vote Conservative or Die!

Hat-tip to Blog Boy for catching this gem over at the Conservative youth blog, or c-blog as they call it. It's c-rrific. They're not talking about military coups, rather, they're warning Canadians if you don't vote Conservative, you'll be killed. The piece ran with this graphic, and here's the text of the post:

P. Diddy may have coined this phrase during the last American Presidential Election in a failed attempt to herd young citizens to vote; but here in Canada, as we watch the plague of gun violence proliferate in our streets, it has a much deeper meaning.

I am speaking of course to the rapid increase of fatal gun violence in key urban centres such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, and the inaction of Paul Martin and his government to properly address the issue.

With the swath of damage widening by the day, the time for idle talk is over; we need a new federal leader who believes in policies that proactively address the root causes of gun violence, rather than an old leader who proffers shallow and reactionary band-aid solutions. So VOTE Conservative!

So there you have it, only voting Conservative can save you from becoming a bullet-riddled corpose! As Blog Boy put it:

Hmm. I'm no C-hipster, but it seems to me that what these crazy-kid C-bloggers are telling Canadians, on the official Web site of the Conservative Party of Canada, is that if you do not vote for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives then YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!

That's C-cold, man. That's C-cold.

Now, for those of you who are complete idiots do I really think the Conservatives are saying vote for us or you'll die? Of frickin course not. No more than I think the Liberals were accusing Harper of plotting a military coup in that now infamous ad. But I'll have more to say on that clusterf*** later. I'm just saying you can read that message into this blog post much more easily.

C-ya later.

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Anonymous said...

Desperate. Really Desperate. What else can I say? Maybe, "BCinTO", it'll be OK. The Conservatives don't really want to kill you, it's just the voices in your head . . ."

EX-NDIP said...

here's a good piece on PM . . . .

Anonymous said...

Now I just don't know what to choose. If I don't vote Liberal I am not a Canadian, but if I don't vote Conservative I'm going to die.

Maybe I'll just stay home and watch the Sens/Leafs game on TV.