Sunday, January 22, 2006

International media election round-up

On this election eve eve, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what the international media is writing about Canada's election. Well, the English-speaking international media anyway.

LOS ANGELES TIMES (US): That's politics, eh?
In an editorial, the Times sees Canada as wanting a change in parties, not directon, and seems to be rooting for a Conservative Minority.

WASHINGTON POST (US): Anti-U.S. Tack Backfires on Canada's Liberals
The intrepid Post reporter talks to people attending a Harper rally, and he's surprised to learn they don't like the Liberals.

WASHINGTON TIMES (US): Conservative leader vows to end anti-US rhetoric
The Liberal Party's favourite US newspaper talks to John Reynolds, who promises to mend fences with the US. He sounds a little like like Paul Martin, 2003 edition.

THE OBSERVER (UK): Right's poll victory set to redraw map of Canada
They send their reporter to Quebec, and he seems to conclude a Conservative win will lead to Quebec independance. Maybe he's been talking to Buzz Hargrove.

THE TIMES (UK): Great Conservative comeback offers comfort to Tories
The headline doesn't match the article here as the columnist concludes a Conservative win Monday mean so much Conservatism is in, but more that the Liberals have been in power too long.

PRENSA LATINA (CUBA): Canadian Conservatives in the lead
It's really just a basic newser but I include it because 1) it's Cuba, and 2) I was preplexed/amused by the werid comment at the end about the WTO and the IMF. Viva la revolution!

HINDUSTAN TIMES (INDIA): Poll hopeful Dhalla urges foreign credential reognotion
They speak with Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla about her local campaign and touch briefly on an issue of importance to the many Indians immigrating to Canada, the recognition of foreign credentials.

NEW KERALA (INDIA): Canada to outlaw LTTE if Conservatives win
Like many Indian newspapers, they're interested in Peter McKay's (see, he's not dead!) promise a Conservative government will outlaw the Tamil Tigers.

And lastly, while this article has nothing to do with the election and is four years old, it's so funny I just had to share it. It's from the "funny news" section of Pravda, formerly the official organ of the Soviet Communist Party, and it has something to do with books discussing same sex relationships being allowed in Ontario schools. Here's my favourite line:

The passage of the above decision was welcomed by the jeers of approval from the attendees, mainly gays and Lesbians. Liona Laird, a teacher of the 6th form, Lesbian, said she upheld the initiative by their gay and Lesbian colleagues, since, in her view, the children’s education would be incomplete without knowledge in the field.

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