Monday, January 09, 2006

Why not talk Conservative majority?

As political hacks, flacks, junkies and what have you I think we sometimes get so caught-up in the horserace we can't see the forest for the trees.

I had this thought as I read through the Harper majority musing posts and comments across the blogsphere. There has been lots of talk about the amplified and misleading headlines, polling, his need to not show arrogance and show on. I think most agree it's not politically wise for Stephen to even say words starting with M. I'd imagine his handlers are now ensuring any upcoming military-related events don't involve anyone holding the rank of Major.

But let’s step back a second from the conventional wisdom and ask why is any majority talk is verboten for Mr. Harper? Because even he knows Canadians aren’t ready to trust him and the Conservatives yet with a five-year mandate. A tethered minority? Sure, he can’t screw things up too bad, they figure. But a majority? They start freaking out. And not the cool, 60s style freak out.

I have to wonder what does that say about the Conservative Party, and about Stephen Harper? The goal of any political party, and certainly the Official Opposition, is to form a majority government. That’s a natural. Newsflash: he'd like to win! Yet despite a nationwide hunger for change, despite the long list of Liberal Party sins, both real and imagined, the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition cannot publicly say the word majority in an election campaign that has him rising in the polls.

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Steve V said...

They are afraid to use the term majority, because they know that their rising support has more to do with the negative impression people have of the Liberals than some enthusiastic endorsement of their agenda. That's why the whole Conservative campaign is basically, the Liberals are corrupt and here, have some cash.

A BCer in Toronto said...

That's why I laugh when they say the Liberals are running a negative campaign while they run a campaign of ideas. If I had a penny for every time Harper said corruption I still wouldn't have enough to cover the extra taxes he'll have me paying, but it would be a start.