Thursday, February 02, 2006

The more things change...

Politics Watch is reporting tonight that Tim Murphy, the Chief of Staff to Paul Martin, will be staying-on in interim Liberal leader Bill Graham's office in an unknown capacity.

Intrepid reporter and former Charlahack (before my time though) Romeo St. Martin has the scoop in a nice piece of reporting. Apparently this was announced during a chiefs of staff meeting on the hill yesterday, and was met with "some bewilderment and eye rolling" by those assembled. As it was by myself.

I don't want to delve too deeply into this. I was going to let this whole Paul staying on as leader but Bill doing the job thing go by without comment. And I don't think all the Martinites need to be purged, far from it. But the optics of this news stink, and it's just silly. But then again, I've long since stopped being surprised by their lack of political judgment.

I will though highlight this quote from Graham (who I think is a fantastic choice for interim leader, btw) describing his instructions from Martin:

"He's made it very clear to me I'm going to be in charge," Graham said.

No comment. Except to say news like this begins to make me favour a quicker leadership convention.

And read the whole article. I love the bit about Scott Reid and champagne. Insanity.

Murphy staying on
by Romeo St. Martin
[PoliticsWatch Updated 5:05 p.m. February 2, 2006]

OTTAWA EXCLUSIVE -- Tim Murphy, the chief of staff to Prime Minister Paul Martin, will be part of Liberal opposition leader Bill Graham's office, PoliticsWatch has learned.

Murphy's appointment was made during a meeting of chiefs of staff on Parliament Hill Wednesday.

It is not clear exactly in what capacity he will serve the new leader of the opposition, but one source said he will be "playing a role."

Politics Watch (hat-tip to Dan) is "exclusively reporting" that their earlier "exclusive report" was wrong, and Murphy won't be working in the Graham OLO. It was all a misunderstanding, say their sources. On the record, Graham's new Chief of Staff say Murphy isn't and was never going to be on the team.
As someone with a little political experience and a lot of communications experience allow me to translate for you. Murphy was going to be there, but they realized in the light of day just how stupid a move that would be, so they changed their minds. The right decision, just took a little longer than it should have.

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JD said...

Martin's demeanour seems somewhat "upbeat" for someone who has just seemingly destroyed his own career. A "perfect storm" would have to brew inorder to allow Martin to "rise like a phoenix". If Goodale et al. are exonerated; if the unsavoury optics surrounding the RCMP's role in the election (given more fuel with yesterday's photo-op) does in fact precipitate to the level of a scandal itself; if Harper runs into a lot of difficulty (this is a given)- who knows what will happen with respect to Harper's "caretaker minority government". You never know.....

Durable1 said...

Always expect the unexpected in politics. When I hear rumours through at least 3 different sources I know there's some truth to it.This is the 2nd time I've heard Christy Clarks name in terms of Leadership but I've also heard it for President of the LPC.Stranger things have happened.

Paul Martin was at his best in his press conference today, looking rested, happy and being himself. He was articulate, finally saying the things that I found so visionary about his leadership in 1990. It was lost on Canadians over the past 3 years. He will go on to do great things without the title of Office.

Bill Graham will be the Leader and elder statesman of the "L" shaped party.

Stay tuned....... as the story unfolds.

TonyGuitar said...

Carefully orchestrated plan to allow Chretien and gang to slither free. How? Gomery conduct, that's how.

Kinsella is all in a flap about Gomery giving an inside exclusive to writer Francois Perreault while all others were barred for *professional confidence* reasons.

Kinsella, today*s National Post P.A-14 or

This may be just enough misconduct by Gomery to let everyone go without charges while Justice Gomery could be subject to a few stern words and nothing more.

Is this Chretien*s and Martin*s escape hatch?

What a cheap plot. It is not an actual trial but rather an inquiry. For that reason there is no client lawyer confidentiality obligation on Gomery*s part, so Chretien can not claim betrayal by the court.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe these people.

They de-throne Jean, ruin Martin, and still think they can 'offer something' to the party.

We will sit in opposition a long long time before the idiots on the board find a way back into government.

Shortrib said...

anonymous - I could not agree with you more.

You should read:
Follow the Money, by: Sheila Copps
It is on

A BCer in Toronto said...

I really doubt Martin is dreaming of a Trudeauian rise from the ashes, but I do think his confidants may be having trouble letting go. As I said don't banish them, but they can't be seen to be holding onto the reigns of power.

On Christy Clark I've expounded on that topic at length elsewhere, but long story short I'd like her if it wasn't for the Mark Marrisen/Martinite baggage. I'd be happy to see her run but that baggage makes me leery of supporting her.

On Gomery I agree his conduct stinks but his report is seperate from the ongoing investigations by the RCMP and won't have any ill affect on any furture criminal or civil prosecutions. Except Chretien's lawsuit against him, of course.

On Copps' article, while I'm not a fan I largely agree with it. The exception though is near the top, when she talks about how she thinks gomery should have investigated polling. Polling had nothing to do with sponsorship. By polling she means Earnscliffe and Paul Martin, and it's just another potshot in her ongoing bitter dispute with PM. It spoils an otherwise fine article.

Dan McKenzie said...

Politics Watch was wrong.

Anonymous said...

I dont think politicswatch was wrong. they reported something and it changed after the initial report went up. They reported then on the updated report.