Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mr. Murphy is not amused

Further to the news that Tim Murphy won't be joining Bill Graham's OLO afterall, the Toronto's Star Political blog has comments from Murphy himself on the affair, and one gets the feeling he is not amused:

Tim Murphy, chief of staff to departing Prime Minister Paul Martin, is NOT staying on to work in the office of interim leader Bill Graham. Yes, it is true that Murphy and Graham go a long way back, with Murphy running Graham's campaign in 1988 in the then-riding of Rosedale in Toronto. And it is true that Murphy will be remaining around Ottawa so that his daughter can finish her school year.

But as for the allegations whipping through the blogosphere about Murphy staying on, the man himself has dismissed them as fictional. Actually he didn't use the word "fictional," but this is a family newspaper. Here is a more tempered version of how Murphy describes the rumours.

"It is symptomatic of this over-heated town. It was never true and a story made up on a political website now requires an official denial."

Boo freakin-hoo Tim. I think thou doth protest etc. As such luminaries as TDH Strategies and lesser lights such as myself have observed these denials are crap. The houls of "what are you, freakin idiots!" from across the party made them change their minds.

Myself, I'm off to the ACC myself for the Maple Laughs/Devils game. One of the technology companies I cover in my day job has invited me to take in the game from their box, so I'm off to schmooze with their PR people and scarf down appetizers. As a Canucks fan and a Westerner (at heart) it's my duty to hate the Leafs, so I'll also be talking the pulse of the crowd around me to see if I can cheer for the Devils without getting mugged. Much fun!

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TonyGuitar said...

Be careful. Do not be seen to overtly cheer for the Devils. I'm hoping your shmoozies will feel relaxed enough to speak freely and that you will have some undercurrents to report here. TG

Platty said...

Why would anyone,anywhere, feel compelled to believe anything coming out of the mouth of anyone close to the Liberal's?

Paul Martin lies in the House...

A BCer in Toronto said...

The Leafs quickly went-up 3-0 so there was little to cheer for Devils wise, and the two Devils goals came within two minutes when I was in the washroom at the start of the third. Belfour was the difference, the Devils outplayed them. Ah, well.