Friday, February 03, 2006

Update: No Murphy in Graham's OLO after all

Updating my earlier post about an apparent role for Paul Martin's former chief of staff Tim Murphy in interim leader Bill Graham's office, Politics Watch (hat-tip to Dan) is "exclusively reporting" that their earlier "exclusive report" was wrong, and Murphy won't be working in the Graham OLO after all.

It was all a misunderstanding, say their sources. On the record, Graham's new chief of staff says Murphy isn't and was never going to be on the team.

As someone with a little political experience and a lot of communications experience allow me to translate for you. Murphy was going to be there, but they realized in the light of day just how stupid a move that would be, so they changed their minds. The right decision, just took a little longer than it should have.


The Toronto Star's Political blog has comments from Murphy himself on the affair. One gets the feeling he is not amused. Boo freakin-hoo Tim. I think thou doth protest etc.

Tim Murphy, chief of staff to departing Prime Minister Paul Martin, is NOT staying on to work in the office of interim leader Bill Graham. Yes, it is true that Murphy and Graham go a long way back, with Murphy running Graham's campaign in 1988 in the then-riding of Rosedale in Toronto. And it is true that Murphy will be remaining around Ottawa so that his daughter can finish her school year.

But as for the allegations whipping through the blogosphere about Murphy staying on, the man himself has dismissed them as fictional. Actually he didn't use the word "fictional," but this is a family newspaper. Here is a more tempered version of how Murphy describes the rumours.

"It is symptomatic of this over-heated town. It was never true and a story made up on a political website now requires an official denial."

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Anonymous said...

this is moronic. Why would Tim Murphy want to work in the OLO.

you people know nothing about anything

A BCer in Toronto said...

you people know nothing about anything

me know grammar good

TonyGuitar said...

I always marvel at Anonymous. Which Anonymouse is speaking?

If we people know nothing about anything, then you have no need to hide behind anonimity.

Use a handle like *Barfly* or something. Thus you remain behind your mask while we can then get an idea of which anonymous you are and look forward to your wit. TG

TonyGuitar said...

I have been blogging for a long time. More than six months now.

Read thousands of comments and this is the first time the phrase, *you people know nothing about anything* appeared.

Backhanded, maybe, but a comliment none the less. TG