Friday, March 31, 2006

Do the clothes make the man?

I don't like to focus on the trivial things, as I think doing so tends to distract from issues of substance. For example, I've found the discussion of Stephen Harper's weight silly. Besides, I'm the last person to be giving lectures on that subject.

I had to laugh though at that outfit Harper was wearing yesterday on his outing in the ruins with his new amigos, El Presidentes Bush and Fox. Don't get me wrong, I'm much more concerned about his misguided plans for daycare and taxes, to name but two issues, but seriously, dude, what-up with that top? Are you waiting for the GST cut to kick-in before you go clothes shopping? You're the Prime Minister now man (for the time being).

The journalist in me is trained to dislike Leah McLaren, but she had an interesting piece on the topic in today's Mop & Pail.

Stephen, what the heck are you wearing?


From Friday's Globe and Mail

Stephen darling, can we talk?

What I and everybody else back in Canada really need know right now is what the heck are you wearing?


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s.b. said...

The vest hides his tummy. It's hot and he can't wear a suit, too formal. It looks big because it is. Hey, he couldn't have it stretch over his belly.

Do you read Leah too? I feel dirty every time I do it, but there's something fascinating about that woman's vapid thoughts and why they get published.

Pedro said...

Hey, I actually don't mind what he's wearing. I saw him wear it in Afghanistan and thought it looked pretty good.

You know something's wrong with our society when you see articles like Leah's that actually get published.

Blueberry Pick'n said...

You know, he's a Tilly kind of guy.

But the kind that has them dry-cleaned.