Friday, March 31, 2006

Press secretaries say the darndest things

From this morning's Globe and Mail, in a story about how David Emerson hasn't had an MP Web page since he shuffled over to the Conservatives:

"We are updating it. I don't have a time frame, but hopefully soon. We realize the Internet is very popular."

-- Jennifer Chiu, spokesperson for Minister Emerson

I hear there's also some kind of horseless carriage that is all the rage too...

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Pedro said...

I actually feel bad for the guy. I don't have a problem with respectfully criticizing him, but the harassment politicians go through is criminal.

But you do have a point with the website. Not the smartest excuse. Nevertheless, I have always like Emerson and still do.

He's got a cover story with the BC Business magazine. Might want to check it out - "The Emerson Affair: Suddenly Corporate Warfare and Boardroom Brawls Never Looked So Good".

A BCer in Toronto said...

What I found amusing was the bolded line, it sounded like she'd just learned there was such a thing called the "Internet."

Blueberry Pick'n said...

The boy seems to think its a wee entertainment thing, but doesn't appreciate the power they haven't properly harnessed.

I dread when they figure it out.

BlueBerry Pick'n
can be found @
"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"

Anonymous said...

That international boy knows exactly which way is up. Too bad for his secretary, she's a goner.
Here's hoping Emerson decides his fortier oooops forte is in the private sector, and will leave politics as soon as his deed is done.
He's already said he is awaiting orders from headquarters (Harper) to do the softwood deal. So, looks like he is just an honorary Trade Minister, a puppet to Harper, and really has no say or power.
A straw man, designed to take the heat off the elephant in the room, Fortier.
Fat chance.

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