Sunday, April 02, 2006

Conservatives not picking-up the phone

Last week I talked-about how the softwood dispute is only getting worse and its impact spreading, despite the campaign bluster of the Conservatives.

In particular, I linked to a story in the Comox Valley Record on Woodland Flooring, a small floor manufacturer in Comox, B.C. that is being hit hard by a recent decision by the George W. Bush administration to escalate the dispute by extending the scope of the tariff. The cost of Woodland's product has increased by 25 per cent as a result.

Well, it seems the local NDP MP has taken up their cause and will be making this an issue when the House of Commons returns next week. Look for questions from their trade critic on this in question period. But, as a follow-up Friday in the local paper makes clear, it seems the Conservatives could care less how this 11-person small business, and so many like it across Canada, is getting screwed.

NDP defending Woodland
By Coleen Dane
Record Staff Writer
May 31 2006
One Comox business is being picked up as a national cause by the NDP this week, as Vancouver Island North MP Catherine Bell takes the story about softwood lumber tariffs affecting Woodland Flooring’s value-added products to Ottawa.

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wilson61 said...

You Libs have to get over thinking PMSH is god! I mean he is a fast worker, but he's only been sitting in the saddle for 67 days...and the softwood lumber dispute has been going on for 30 years, the last 13 of which the mighty Liberals had the reins.

A BCer in Toronto said...

67 days and things are already worse. I don't expect god-like, heck, I'd settle for competent. Instead we get awol.