Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Don't mix your sci-fi references Paul!

OK, so I know I'm like a month and a half behind the times, but I finally got around to finishing Paul Wells' election opus in MacLean's today. An excellent piece of journalism, but I need to mention this one line, discussing the Liberal election apparatus:

"When it armed its photon torpedoes for an assault on the Conservative death star, it discovered its most potent weapons were pointed backward."

Nice analogy Paul, but photon torpedoes are Star Trek, and the death star is Star Wars!

Lets stick with Star Wars because I do like the Conservatives as the empire, because that casts Stephen Harper as Darth Vader. It also makes the Liberals the rebel alliance, and I guess it means we're currently casting for the Luke Skywalker/Princess Leia role. (You can pause here to picture Ms. Stronach with the Leia hairdo. Or Dr. Ignatieff if you prefer, your call.)

So, now I just need to know which Liberal leadership candidate was sired by Darth Harper before he went to the dark side/joined the National Citizens Coalition and I'll know which candidate I should support/will bring balance to the force.

Live long and prosper!

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s.b. said...

That makes Preston Manning, Emperor Palpatine. His voice is almost as scary and he's kind of wrinkly, but he has to work on shooting the blue "fire of god" out of his fingers instead of his mouth.

Nice to see your still on top of the press.

Anonymous said...

That's funny! The Conservatives are the Empire? Don't you think that maybe, just possibly, the party in POWER would be the Empire and the little guys with no hope who then pulled of the miracle win might be the rebels? I think Paul Martin makes fine Emperor Palpatine with Brison, the one he lured to the darkside, as Darth Vader. Sure, Harper needs to slim down a bit to be Luke, but I'm kinda turned on by the thought of Rona Ambrose in a flowing robe and buns. Uhh, yeah, gotta go now, and ... ummm...yeah

A BCer in Toronto said...

No, no anon. The election was SW, Episode 3. The Liberal Republic has been usurped by the Conservative Empire. But, out there, somewhere, is the one who will bring balance to the force and end this dark age which has decended upon the universe!

s.b. said...

Can't we go with the Star Trek analogy, because if we could just find a leader like Captain Janeway then we'd really be going somewhere. She brought her ship all the way back from the Delta quadrant, and man can she take charge.