Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Papa Bear Bush meeting with reporters in secret

I was going to write something on the whole brouhaha between the Harper administration and the media, but it has been covered quite thoroughly elsewhere. Paul Wells has a very thorough post on the topic I agree with, and Politics Watch has a transcript of the Press Gallery's meeting with Harper's lobbyist communications director for those interested in the nitty gritty.

Since Stephen does seem to usually take his que from Papa Bear though, I did want to pass on this item from Salon's War Room blog. It seems the media shy El Presediante Bush is meeting with some members of the press. But in private, and off completely off the record/secret. A foreshadowing, perhaps?

Bush has begun sitting down for informal chats with small groups of White House reporters invited to join him inside the White House residence. What does the president say away from the glare of the TV lights and the posturing of the press room? You don't know -- and neither do we -- because the reporters invited to the sessions have promised the White House that they won't say anything about them.

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