Tuesday, March 28, 2006

If she was a former Tory it'd be on the front page

These days it seems a Liberal just taking French lessons is enough for them to be considered a possible leadership contender.

Amusing piece in the Toronto Star's political blog today on the leadership non-aspirations of one Marie Bountrogianni, who I'm told is Ontario's Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. It seems she's currently taking French lessons, which was enough for reporters to ask her if she was going to run for the Liberal leadership. Here's her response:

"This is a joke, right?" she replied when asked if she's boning up for a leadership run. "No, I'm not ... The last time I took French was 30 years ago in Grade 13."

Bountrogianni said she simply feels compelled to become fluent in Canada's other official language, hopefully within a year.

I'm off to hang-out outside French as a second language classes at Ryerson and the U of T looking for more potential leadership candidates. Stay tuned.

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