Monday, March 20, 2006

Steeltown British Columbia

Catherine Bell, the new NDP Member of Parliament for my old (and still home at heart) riding of Vancouver Island North is hiring an assistant for her Parliament Hill office.

Let me say for starters that I applaud the NDP for posting these job openings on their Web site, it's an excellent thing to do, and other parties would be well advised to follow suit.

While skimming through the ad (don't think I'll apply, my Liberalness could be a handicap) this line caught my eye. Under qualifications is this bullet:

  • Knowledge of the New Democratic Party, the labour movement, government departments, community organizations, knowledge about Hamilton and riding priorities, an asset.

For those of you who are geographically challenged, Hamilton is in Ontario, Vancouver Island North is on, well, Vancouver Island in British Columbia (save a chunk of sparsely inhabited bush on the mainland). I'd think knowledge of coastal B.C. may prove more beneficial to Catherine's office than knowledge of Hamilton, but what do I know?

I guess I won't apply for sure now. Even if they looked past my Liberalness, while I'm intimately familiar with riding issues that riding is Vancouver Island North, not Hamilton. Besides, I hear the NDP is not keen on floor crossers, and Bernard Shapiro is busy enough these days.

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