Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hail to the chief, cause she's the one we all say hail to

For those of you wondering where Commander-in-Chief has been, it's back with a new episode tonight at 10 pm on ABC.

Which seems like another occasion for me to ask why the heck doesn't the CBC, CTV or Global have a drama called The Langevin Block, The Hill, or something like that? I think a Canadian version of the West Wing would be pretty popular. The CBC tried something that showed promise for a few episodes, focusing on a new to Ottawa staffer working for a Sheilla Copps like minister on the outs with the new leader, but then it disappeared.

Still, I think there's potential there. I'd suggest tv producers get busy before our new heritage minister cuts all the funding that supports Canadian produced dramas.

Thursday, April 13 @ 10/9c
State of the Unions
While Mac prepares to deliver her first State of the Union Address, Rod, out solo at a reception, winds up in a compromising position with an intern… while the cameras flash. An incriminating photo ends up on the cover of the papers the next day, humiliating Mac and threatening to overshadow her State of the Union. Meanwhile, Templeton sets out to sabotage Mac's Homeless Initiative Bill, forcing her to play political hardball in return.

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IslandLiberal said...

I read an interesting article I a while ago on the success of Corner Gas that remarked that, despite the show's success, we haven't seen a single knockoff brought forward by a Canadian network.

Robert said...

I've thought for a while that we're ripe for a Canadian version of the British show "Yes Minister," set in Ottawa; especially since we enjoy political satire so much.

Mark said...

They tried it. CBC had a series called Snakes and Ladders that ran for one season.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Snakes and Ladders, yes, that was it. It wasn't bad, but it had some problems. Just seemed to disappear though, I guess the ratings weren't there.

Budd Campbell said...

And there was Da Vinci's City Hall. It too has been cancelled by the Liberal bureaucrats who operate the CBC. I wonder how Liberal Senator Larry Campbell feels about that? Maybe he could get together with former CBC Chair, Liberal (BC) Finance Min Carole Taylor to lobby the CBC for a new series, ... 'Da Vinci, BC Premier"? No? Too bad.