Monday, May 15, 2006

Anti-Canadianism sweeping the United States?

It seems any time someone boos the American anthem at a hockey game in Canada; The Right is up in arms about a wave of anti-Americanism sweeping the True North Strong and Free. And of course, the Liberals are always somehow to blame.

I wonder, then, if righty bloggers will be up in arms over the news that last night the fans in San Jose, where their Sharks were facing Canada's last Stanley Cup hope, the Edmonton Oilers, booed O'Canada so loudly it nearly drowned-out the anthem singer?

I'm sure there is still some way to blame this on the Liberals though. Perhaps they're unhappy at the Liberal's criticism of the softwood lumber sellout?

Or, maybe, they're just hockey fans that got a little bit overzealous, just as happens in Canada from time to time? Yeah, I'd go with that one too. Anthem booing by anyone, though, isn't cool.

Go Oilers Go (for lack of any other Canadian team)!

No Canada: Sharks' fans boo anthem
May 14, 2006

SAN JOSE, Calif. (CP) -- San Jose Sharks fans were in a nasty mood Sunday night, loudly booing the Canadian national anthem before the start of Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinal.

The Sharks are playing the Edmonton Oilers.

Annemarie Martin had barely began singing O Canada when many in the sellout crowd of 17,496 began booing. The sound was so loud it nearly drowned out Martin.

As the song progressed the booing decreased and some Shark fans joined in singing the Canadian national anthem.

There was no apparent motive for the booing _ just a questionable expression of the fans' dislike of the Oilers, who won the last two games in Edmonton to tie the best-of-seven series 2-2.

Fans in both arenas didn't boo the opposing national anthem prior to Sunday's game.

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1 comment:

bozo_numb1 said...

I find this article quite diturbing. American comes into our country and we welcome them with open arms and they boo our anthem. Any country boos the american anthem and theres kaos, but they boo ours and its ok? like wats with that? Are americans that ignorent, no wonder the rest of the world is doesnt like you's, if your gonna treat your loyal neighbours like this. I hope our government decides not to help the americans in the next war. If it wasnt for your advanced military, you all would have nothing. I can't wait to see once the states run out of there natural resources cause this is one of those moments that karma should kick in. "Ohh yah you want our water eh, well mabe you shouldn't of boo'd our anthem, mabe you's should of kept your mouth shut cause what's the point of having the worlds best army if you cannot feed or water them. EH!!!!