Monday, May 15, 2006

Speaking of lawsuits, Oh David…

As long as we're talking about launching lawsuits against political opponents, remember the little matter of Conservative turncoat and professional cabinet minister David Emerson, and the $97,000 his old riding association would like back?

To refresh your memory, a few days after winning election as a Liberal by promising to be Stephen Harper's "worst enemy," Emerson crossed the floor in to the warm, comfy fur of the Harper cabinet (and has continued to make good on his promise).

Shortly after the move, his old Liberal riding association raised the question of the nearly $97,000 that had been raised to elect a Liberal, not a Conservative.

Since suing your political opponents on rather flimsy grounds for politically opportunistic reasons seems to be the all the rage these days, and since the Conservatives were the improper beneficiaries of that $97,000 as it elected a person now sitting in their caucus and voting for their budget and other legislation, instead of the Liberal the donors intended, here's an idea: let's sue the Conservative Party of Canada to get it back.

Sure, we wouldn't win. But it's about politics, not justice. Only one downside: unlike the Conservatives, we couldn't get the taxpayers of Canada to pay for our doomed and politically motivated partisan lawsuit.

As for David…

Yeah, he's not going anywhere folks. And stop calling him names, you're hurting his feelings. :(

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