Friday, May 05, 2006

Blogger gettogether at LPC(O) tonight

For those of you attending the LPC(O) convention in Toronto this weekend, a few of us Liblogger-types are meeting up for a quick drink tonight before hitting the hospitality suites for, well, more drinks, and all Liberal blogsphere types are welcome to join.

We'll be meeting at 9:30 pm by the escalators on the main reception floor of the Shearton Centre if you're interested in joining us. Famed Libloggers Cerberus and Jason Cherniak will be there, and probably a few more of your Liblogger favourites as well.

It should be an interesting weekend for bloggers. Some of the candidates have been doing different things to reach-out to bloggers; Ignatieff has invited Libloggers to a meeting Saturday, for example. I plan to blog regularly throughout the weekend, and I look forward to reading others' takes on the weekend.

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Cerberus said...

I'm "famed"? What did I do to get famous? ;-)

Maybe I shouldn't ask.

See you tonight.


A BCer in Toronto said...

It's better than being infamous, n'est pas?