Thursday, May 04, 2006

LPC(O) convention, anyone?

I'll be attending the LPC(O) convention in Toronto this weekend as an observer. I've not been able to contact my riding association and never heard anything about a delegate selection meeting, and the party office is unable to tell me if or when one was held, so observer it is.

Are any other Liberal blogsphere citizens going to be attending? As a still fairly recent transplant from B.C. I know no one in Liberal circles in Ontario, so I'm hoping some familiar blogging names will be there. Perhaps an impromptu Libloggers meeting/drink or two is in order?

On another note, I've been following Cerberus's tally of Liblogger endorsements with interest (poor Joe, Carolyn and Maurizio, where's the love?). I'm still undecided, but I hope that will change after getting a closer look at the candidates this weekend. There's three I've narrowed it down to. It's just a pity Ms. Stronach didn't stay in long enough to host a hospitality suite.

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Vincent Riccio said...

I am game for a meeting.

I am coming from the far reaches of Northwestern Ontairo.

Cerberus said...

Turns out that I will be making it tomorrow night although not for the rest of the weekend.

Send me an email (tedbetts (at) and we'll try to hook up.


s.b. said...

There are some major communication issues in this Party at the riding level. I had to fight hard to find out when the meeting was for delegate selection and become a member in time, now I'm not a delegate. See my blog. Bob the Red and Robert are having similar problems. This is not good. There was also someone named "Gentle Reader" that was having trouble becoming a member. Your riding probably hasn't even filled its quota for delegates. You should not have to pay 300 to not be able to vote. This is absolutely unacceptable organizational incompetence. And they wonder why were in trouble, no one can become a member, delegate or volunteer even if they want to.

Zac said...

s.b's got a point - the McMaster U. young libs filled all our spots (we only get 5) but the adjacent ridings have around 10 spots each. Its really sad that you couldn't get a seat. I'd complain to LPCO because this is crazy. How can we attract Canadians if we can't even attract our own members.

Zac said...

Hey BCer, I'm game to meet for drink too. Flip me an email...

KennedyFacts said...

Maybe someone can ask Kennedy when is he going to represent his constituents? Queens Park is sitting (daily votes) while Kennedy is criss-crossing across the country. Parkdale-High Park's Federal MP has perfect attendance.

A BCer in Toronto said...

I'm sure there are empty delegate spots out there, but the person I talked to at the party office told me an observer was my only option at this point. I'm a little annoyed I won't be able to vote, but I don't know any of the candidates besides Chernaik, and he's acclaimed so he doesn't need my vote. The fee is a little higher, but I could use the tax writeoff anyway, not having any kids under six or a farm

What does annoy me though is what seems to be a trend of poor communication and information at both the riding and lpco levels.

As I've mentioned before, even getting a membership form to join took a few months and some dilligent calling. My cheque was promptly cashed, but I've recieved no confirmation of membership or other communication from my riding or the lpco in the six or so months since I've joined. Not even a letter begging for money.

And no notice of the delegate selection meeting for my riding. I know in BC, it's constitutionally required each member be informed X days before the meeting, but it was never even posted on the LPCO Web site event calendar, and the office is unable to tell me when, or if, it was ever held.

And from the comments I've read here and elsewhere in the blogsphere, it seems my experience is hardly unique. We need to work on this.