Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Correcting the Globe and Mail

From today's piece in the Globe on Harper's so-called Senate reform plan (which I don't see how he'll do without opening-up the constitution):

Mr. Harper has already said he would never appoint a senator, meaning that, as senators leave the Red Chamber, numbers would shrink and vacancies would remain open.

What you meant, Brian Laghi, is he would never appoint a senator AGAIN. I invite you to search your archives for "Michael Fortier." You may also want to add the search term "flip flop" to your search to further narrow down the results.

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/dev/null said...

Dunno, BCer. I think maybe adding "flip flop" in a search related to Harper is going to return a bunch hits...

Good point otherwise.

HearHere said...

He would need 7 of the provinces to open the constitution to make any further changes to the senate as in electing them.

He does not need to open the constitution to make changes to the terms they serve.

Only 2 provinces so far have agreed to run senate elctions. If a senator vacancy opens up he has no other choice than appointing them at this time.

ottlib said...


Your post would seem to demonstrate just how useless is this proposal.