Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Question Period

Being on vacation this week, I’ve had a chance to catch a bit of question period (yes, I'm cool, I know). But it’s the first chance I’ve had to really get a look at the new dynamics since the election.

*The more things change, the more they stay the same: The two main parties may have flipped sides but the script for each side seems to have remained the same. The opposition earnestly asks pointed questions, the government deflects and doesn’t come close to answering them.

*What are you wearing? I’m no fashion expert, as anyone who has met me in person will surely attest, but tan suits just don’t work on anyone, except maybe in the Southern United States in the 1800s. MPs do get a clothing allowance, don’t they?

*It’s Bill Clinton’s fault: I lost track of the number of times the government answered a question from any of the opposition parties by simply blaming the previous Liberal government. I think Paul Martin might even have been accused of being responsible for the Maple Leafs poor season. This is a standard defence for new governments, I just wonder how long they plan to (or think they can) get away with it.

*NDP=Holier than thou: I’m no Volpe fan, and this whole fundraising thing looks to be stupid and fishy to me, but within the rules. Investigate? Fine, I don’t care. I find it amusing though that Pat Martin also wants the investigation to go back to 2004, but only to look at Liberals. Why not include all parties Pat, and go back to, say, the mid 1990s if you really, truly are all about fairness and all that? I’m sure Jack has nothing to hide, and Stephen and Peter wouldn’t mind. Speaking of which, did we ever find out why paid-off Peter’s leadership debts?

*Kiddie bench: And is it just me, or does Peter McKay just look too young to be a minister of the crown? Maybe a goatee would help. The glasses help a bit.

*Separated at birth? Serge Menard (BQ) and David Emerson (check today’s scorecard for latest party affiliation), long lost brothers?

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Carrie said...

You watched? Way to take one for the team! Good job.

As for tan suits...maybe it was linen? It's pretty hot outside. Linen is always my first choice. It's hard to get linen in anything other than tan or white though. But if it was polyester, there is absolutely no excuse for that!

Bailey said...

Re: *NDP = Holier Than Thou

In regards to the donations that Volpe has received, I think that the Liberals are unfairly going to look bad no matter what given how closely monitered financial contributions are now today. This is the first leadership campaign that is under the new financing rules put in place a few years back.

I can only imagine the field day reporters would have had with if Harper had to have revealed all his donors and who funded his leadership campaign.

No good can come out of this for the Liberals.